All our breeders on this list scan their cats annually for HCM

 (Hypertrophic cardio myopathy)

Current scans must be sent in to be able to go on here and the kitten list.

To be added to the breeders list the rules that will have to be met by all members are as follows:

1. Breeder will scan at least yearly all breeding cats.  Scans will have to be submitted yearly.  We will keep record of dates.

2. Contract for new owners with health guarantee.

3. Minimum 2 years HCM guarantee 

4. Proof of ESN (early spay/neuter)

5. Full set of Vaccinations by the time kitten is ready to leave for new home. Not earlier that 13 weeks.

6. 2 references of breeders already on the list. ( breeders already on the list will not need references as this has already been approved) 

7. Breeders of multiple mutations will not be accepted.

However The Sphynx cat club can not be held responsible for any of the breeders and any disputes must be sorted by the parties involved!


Please contact Katarzyna Kokolus on 07472 059565


Our Cattery page

Furnada Sphynx

Based in Shropshire


Furnada is a small Sphynx Cattery based in Shropshire.I am a small hobbyist
breeder who shows with GCCF. All my cats are HCM tested annually and are
CMS, FIV and Felv negative. My kittens will be bred for health, type and
superb temperaments. All kittens will be well socialised and will come with
full vaccinations, microchip , 5 weeks free insurance, pedigree ,
registration , copy of parents scans, kitten pack, a duty of care contract
and a lifetime of support. All babies will be spayed/Neutered prior to
rehoming. Enquiries are always welcome and we welcome visitors by

email is

phone no. 07734053896 


Galaxy Monkeys

Based in Manchester


My adventure with these wonderful creatures began in 2014. It was the first time when I saw and touched them, I fell in love straight away…

After having one for a good while it was time to be a breeder and give the other people such amazing opportunity to have real sphynx in there life and so many moments of happiness,

love, joy which gives us contact with these crazy and lovely animals.

If you read this and You think where to get one or what they really are and cant wait to meet them……than 🙂 we invite you to our cattery Galaxy Monkeys ,

I hope that I will be able to fulfil your dream of having sphynx as your life companion.

We are registered in TICA and we take part in the TICA Cat Show,

We scan our cats for HCM every year.

Find Us on:

facebook: Galaxy Monkeys

instagram: galaxy_monkeys_cattery

Contact Us

Gatodouro Sphynx

Based in East London


Welcome to “Gatodouro”-home of Sphynx and Cornish Rex cats. Our Cattery is located in East London .Breeders of some of the most lovable and romantic cats. Our Cattery is registered in Tica association and we do many shows through the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium and other countries. We breed for health, temperament and quality. Adults scanned annually for heart disease by a board certified veterinary cardiologist. We take pride in our breeding cats and their pedigrees and do not discount our kittens by selling them without proper registration. All our cats and kittens go to new homes already spayed/neutered.

Please contact Jelena tel: 02036022274 or 07793208492



Based in Staffordshire


Welcome to Kristilmist sphynx cattery, situated in the small village of Edingale, on the border of Lichfield and Tamworth, Staffordshire. I am a small hobby breeder, I have kittens occasionally and show, we strive for health and temperament and work towards perfection as closely as we can. I work closely with a small handful of breeders in uk, Italy and the USA, towards the best I can. We work with love, care and consideration of this beautiful breed of sphynx cats.
We HCM scan annually and kittens leave here, fully socialised with children and family environment, fully vaccinated, spayed and neutered, registered with 5 weeks insurance and a contract of care to permanent loving homes. Our stud boy Bemisu Feeorin of Kristilmist is currently third best kitten in Western Europe for all  last year from one show and we will be continuing his show career.





Based in Spalding, Lincolnshire


Meadowsphynx is a home based Sphynx cattery in Spalding, Lincolnshire.  Our cattery is registered with GCCF and TICA.  We have a small number of breeding cats that are a part of our family.  We learn new things every day and research the breed to make sure that our cats are happy and healthy.  Sphynx are our passion. We scan our cats for HCM every year by certified cardiologist and all our cats are FeLV and FIV clear.

Please contact Kinga Edwards with any questions

email:       tel: 01775711095 or 07525925178

Facebook Page 

Our Cattery group



Merlini Sphynx

Based in Gloucester


Welcome to Merlini Sphynx. I am a small hobbyist breeder and GCCF show exhibitor. My babies are bred for type and temperament and are raised underfoot with love to go to loving permanent homes complete with a duty of care contract and a lifetime of support from myself. all of my cats are HCM tested and are fed on Natural Instinct raw and Royal Canin. All babies will be spayed/Neutered prior to rehoming. Enquiries are always welcome as are visitors.


Tele: Karen on  01452 690363/0734 2652663

Shalnavazz Sphynx

Based in Guildford, Surrey


SPHYNX KITTENS BRED FROM HCM SCANNED HEALTHY PARENTS. We show Sphynx with both the GCCF and TICA. Our babies are bred for health type and temperament. They are raised in our family home and therefore leave us as very well socialised bundles of love and fun. Our babies leave us fully vaccinated, wormed, microchipped, neutered and TICA registered. They also come with their pedigree certificate and four weeks insurance.

Contact Perviz on:  07974 828357



Based in Lincolnshire

carols photo


I am based in Lincolnshire and a hobby breeder of strong, healthy, confident and very well socialized sphynx kittens of great quality and type with fabulous temperaments. I HCM scan annually and all my cats are FELV/FIV tested.  All my babies leave: Vaccinated, Microchip, spay/neutered, registration, 4 weeks free insurance, copy of parents scans, pedigree and a life time of support.

Contact Carol on



Based in Durham


I’m a small hobby breeder in Co Durham, North East of England. I’m registered with GCCF and TICA, and I occasionally show. My Sphynx are my pets foremost, and their health are paramount. My Sphynx are FIV/FeLV negative, and all my adults are HCM scanned annually. Sphynx are my passion and I aim for quality healthy kittens. I have some lovely lines from America and Europe, with outcrossing for genetic diversity and a stronger more robust immune system

Please contact Bernadette at Velvetskin Sphynx






TEL 07515970273



Kennoway FIFE, Scotland


We are a small cattery based in Kennoway FIFE area Scotland.  We fell in love with this breed and each wrinkly personality we have met.  Now we want to help educate others about this breed, while enriching their lives with a new companion. Each kitten is special to us, and we want them placed in the best homes to ensure love and happiness throughout the rest of their lives.  Our kitties are raised in a family environment.  The health and happiness of our kittens are most important to us.  Our babies are socialized, litter box trained, and loved.  Our priority is quality over quantity, which is why we have minimal litters and treat our cats as family.  We are very selective on where we place our kittens.  The kittens are hand raised and living closely among our family. We want to make sure their health and happiness is top priority in their new home for the rest of their lives.  We require an application to be filled out prior to being accepted to purchase one of our kittens.   All adult cats in our cattery are scanned for HCM every year and tested on FeLV/FIV and have negative tests results.


Based in Luton


HairlessNakids is a TICA registered, home based Sphynx Cattery in Luton. We have a limited amount of litters yearly, and we pride ourselves by producing healthy, happy, loving and socialised little nakids.  All our boys and girls are part of the family. Kittens are raised cage free and get the roam of the house, having opportunity to meet and greet family friends and their children.  Our adults are FELV and FIV negative and are test yearly for HCM.  Kittens go to their new homes fully vaccinated, dewormed, microchiped and with a kitten pack to get you started, including 4 weeks free insurance and a full vet check with a vet.

Please contact Natasha for any questions.


Precious Sphynx Cattery

Based in Birmingham, West Midlands


PreciousSphynx cattery is a family run breeding program which aims to produce healthy, loving and well socialised kittens. Kittens are raised in a family environment around children, cats and dogs. Breeding cats are tested yearly for HCM, FIV and FeLV. Our cats have produced a rare odd eye kitten as well as many other colours. All kittens are TICA registered, fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered and vet checked as well as kept on a raw diet and dry grain free.

Miss Dena Anderson email


jazz1I have a small Sphynx cattery called ‘Jazz and Whiskers’ based in East London, England. I am registered with TICA, and occasionally show my cats at the UK cat Show. All my cats HCM scanned annually with certified veterinary cardiologist. They are strong, healthy and very well socialized and part of our family. Very well kept, I feed my only a raw diet and dry grain free cat food. Kittens are raised in a family environment around children. Normally I only have one litter a year. All kittens leave to their new forever home after x3 vet visits, vaccinated, microchip, spay/neutered, and registred.

Please feel free to contact me

TEL 07427 261338

FB: Ingrida Veiveryte Instagram: ingrida_veiveryte



All our kittens bred and raised in the home with our family and will be used to busy family life. Our kittens will be ready to leave home following all health checks. They will have a regular worming program and be raised on Royal Canin and row food to give them the best possible start. We will also bath kittens, trim nails and clean ears regularly as we do with all our cats to ensure they become accustomed to this from an early age.

They will come with the following: Microchipped, fully vaccinated, worming record, HCM tests and health test of parents, GCCF Registration,  4 Generation Certified Pedigree, 4 weeks free insurance, Kitten pack. We offer a lifetime of advice and support.

Kittens will be ready for new loving homes from the mid of November.

My kittens will be offered on non- active.

Anna Szulc +447738259611



Baldasa Sphynx is a small home based Cattery based in Bellingham, Northumberland. We aim to breed with the highest standards of breeding with the objective of producing both physically and mentally healthy kittens. We breed for health, type and temperament. Our cats and kittens are raised in our family home as part of our large family, including children & dogs. We HCM scan annually with a CVS approved cardiologist. We will only breed from FeLV/FIV clear cats. Our kittens come with a kitten pack including a copy of parents HCM scans/health test results, insurance, Tica registration & pedigree, full vaccinations, wormed, microchip, a contract of care and sale including health guarantee. Our kittens are spayed/neutered before coming home so you don’t have to worry about it later. They will also come with a lifetime of support and hopefully a life long friendship.

fb page Baldasa Sphynx.

contact number 07835357538

Instagram: Baldasa.sphynx

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