Newsletter 2016

Sphynx cat club newsletter April/May 2016



    Welcome to all our members old and new

I hope all paid up members in 2015 received their cat club magazine and Xmas card. A big thank you to Chris who printed and put it together for us.

 Thank you to all that entered our show in September and hoped you  enjoyed all the goodies that were in your pens. It was lovely to see so many  Sphynx in super condition.

This year our show will be held in Reading on September 17th 2016 under the wing of the BOB Cat Club along with the Rex Cat Ass and the  Colourpoint  Cat Society of Great Britain.   This will be a special show  for the Sphynx Cat Club as it will be our 25th Anniversary.  There will be lots of special goodies for all who enter and some lovely prizes for Best in show winners so, if you can please try and enter and make this show a very memorable one.  If you have a pet Sphynx why not enter. Need help or advice you can always contact one of the committee. Schedules will be out sometime in June and will be on the GCCF website.

We will have our usual welfare stall at the show to help less fortunate Sphynx and we will have many cat related goods for sale so even if you are not showing why not come along and say hello.

Our AGM was held at Waltham Abbey Essex in February and  well attended , it raised almost £40 for welfare   Our finance will be put on the club website for you to view .All paid up members are welcome to attend  our next AGM which will be held around Feb 2017.

On the welfare side we have had 6 in for rehoming so far this year and all have found their forever homes.   If you find yourself in a situation where you need to rehome please contact any of the committee as we are only too willing to help. This also applies if you would like to be considered for a rehome.

white cat

 Regarding White CATS  including Sphynx you will need to get them Baer tested before breeding otherwise the offspring will not be registered. First you will need to get them micro-chipped so the cat can be identified when tested.  The results have to be sent to the GCCF AS PROOF. White cats that were not tested before the rule comes in 1st June do not need to be tested but their offspring do. Kittens will be registered non active until such times they are tested if they are going for breeding.

The Garden Party will be held at the home of Donna MansI  in Kent on Sunday 24th JULY. Invites will be sent out the beginning of June to fully paid up members.  Any of our FB friends can contact Donna if you would like to come along .The cost is only £5. Children free.  Plenty of food, raffle, cat chat and if your lucky, Sphynxy cuddles, so why not come along and support your welfare.


A break through has come via a cure-something that will effectively deal with the virus in sick cats so they will recover.  Prof.Tim Gruffidd Jones commented in his opinion this is the news we have been waiting for, it’s far more than promising.  True it will take time for research results to progress to an available drug that the vets can prescribe for reversal of the Progression of Fatal Coronavirus Infection in Cats by a Broad-Spectrum Coronavirus   Protease inhibitor.

Well that’s all folks enjoy.