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Naked Nefertiti Sphynx, West Midlands

Our last two little ladies of our current litter looking for their forever families. They will be ready to leave end of may/beg June after their neuters. Parents extensively tested (HCM scanned yearly, HCM dna, CMS Normal, FIV/FELV Negsative, URI negative. Our instagram is @naked_nefertiti_sphynx_ if you would like to see more of these girls and the rest of the gang. 

kittens will come to you gccf registered, vaccinated, litter trained, de wormed, neutered, microchipped & with a kitten pack with everything you will need to get your kitten off to a good start in their new home. Our kittens are raised on a Raw diet. Mom & dad both available to view. Our kittens are raised in a busy family orientated household, they are full of confidence with lots of love to give. please do drop us a email to show your interest. Only the very best of homes considered for our kittens. West midlands based. 

MEADOWSPHYX, Lincolnshire

Waiting list is open!

Meadowsphynx kittens come with; 2 year HCM/congenital defect guarantee, Litter trained, Spayed/Neutered, Fully vaccinated and vet checked, Microchipped, TICA registered, 4 generations pedigree, Wormed if necessary, 2kg of raw, Litter tray and litter they have been using with their litter mates for easy transition, Bed/Blanket with their mum and litter mates scent, Toys

MeadowSphynx is a home based Sphynx cattery in Spalding, Lincolnshire.  Our cattery is registered with GCCF and TICA.  We have a small number of breeding cats that are a part of our family.  You can browse all our cats and previous kittens on Instagram.  We scan our breeding cats for HCM yearly by certified cardiologists,  We DNA test all our breeding cats for CMS, HCM, all known genetic diseases and also perform PCR tests to ensure we only use the healthiest cats in our breeding program.   The health of our cats and kittens that we bring into this world is paramount.


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If you think you can give a perfect home to a naked kitten, then please get in touch.   We will email you an application form to fill in and get in contact with you upon its return.

email: phone: 07525925178

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Merlini Sphynx have kittens available and ready to go now. Another litter is due soon. Bred for health, type and temperament. Parents scanned HCM negative. Kittens are fully registered, immunised, microchipped, and insured. They come with a health guarantee, a lifetime of support and advice and a kitten pack of goodies to help them settle in. If you wish to join my extended kitty family or would like further information please feel free to phone me on 07343652663

or email




Kalla Kitty, London

Kala Kitty kittens will enter your family dewormed, vaccinated, health checked, microchipped and neutered. The future owner will also receive a breeder’s slip, 5 generation pedigree papers from Tica, 4weeks free insurance and a welcome pack. Our contract includes 3 years HCM and congenital defect guarantee. 

Parents are tested negative for fiv/felv, DNA tested negative for CMS and annually scanned for HCM by a licensed, well known cardiologist Vicky Ironside. 

All of our cats live indoors only and kittens are raised just like our own kids, being the most important members of our family. They are allowed to explore the whole house, getting used to daily noises and socialising with different people and other cats. We always aim to do our best to create a perfect transition from our Cattery to your family, so rest assured – we’re here for you whenever you need us now and in the future.

We are located in west London and happy for you to pay us a visit.

Cost of a kitten is £1500

Non-refundable deposit of £300 is required to be added on a waitlist or to secure kitten of your choice. 

You can browse our cats and kittens on Instagram KalaKittysphynx

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Contact details: 

+447842026846/ WhatsApp

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Klaudia Karpowicz 

Kala Kitty😻

Norse Sphynx

Our kittens are brought up in our family home and raised as part of the family. They are very confident babies used to other cats, dogs and children of all ages.

Parents have been scanned clear for hcm, fiv/felv tested negative, cms negative and tested negative for all upper respiratory infections.

Kittens are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and health checked giving them the best start in life. They come with a kitten pack which includes toys, blanket with mums scent, jumper, food, folder containing care guide, health documents, registration, 5 generation pedigree and copies of all parents health tests.

We send lots of updates of your kitten until the day you can bring them home. We also like to receive updates from you to see how their getting along. We offer a life time of support. Please feel free to contact us regarding kittens available

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07368 323903


What to look for when buying a sphynx kitten

What to look for when buying a sphynx kitten

What to look for when buying a sphynx kitten. So you’ve made your mind up and have made the decision with your partner/ family to adopt a little naked bundle of joy. I will try to give you few tips on what to look for when you choose your breeder and finally a kitten.

Most of you will say that you don’t want to travel too far… but sometimes it is too hard to find a good breeder close to you. Worst idea to look for one on pets4homes or preloved or any other pets selling sites unless you are planning to go and visit the home of the breeder and check out the cats of the chosen cattery. Ask about their pets, their oldest cat. Check what conditions the cats are living and make sure it’s not a kitten mill, see both parents or at least mum if the dad is an outside stud. Make sure you research the breeder properly. Ask for references from previous kitten buyers. See for yourself the tests results and make sure the kitten you are getting will be registered with either TICA, GCCF (two main cat clubs in UK) and also CFA, FIFe and WCF.

PLEASE NOTE sphynx kitten that their parent/parents are not pure sphynx i.e. dwelf/bambino/elf/munchkin etc. is not a pure sphynx and can only be registered as an EXPERIMENTAL breed. You will not be able to show such kitten in championship as it’s not pure sphynx. Unfortunately there are many misleading adverts online making inexperienced new owners believe they are getting registered pedigree kitten when in fact you could be getting a mixed cat that looks like sphynx.

You need to do your research about HCM, as in any breed of cat or even in domestic cats HCM is one of the biggest killers. It is a good idea to have your kitten/cat DNA tested (test now available from December 2020) and scanned by certified cardiologist at the age of 1-2 years old then yearly after that. Also parents that scan clear can produce HCM positive kitten so it’s very important that you understand this.  Also HCM positive parent doesn’t mean that all offspring will also be positive. There is still a lot that we don’t know about HCM and the best tool at the moment we have is echocardiogram that the ethical breeders should have all the breeding cats scanned at least yearly by certified cardiologist. The list of the cardiologists can be found here         

To order your DNA testing kit for HCM follow this link

In UK we have 2 clubs that have been working hard to promote good ethical sphynx breeders that scan their cats yearly for HCM. Sphynx Cat Club ( and Sphynx Cat Association ( You can find a lot of research and information about Canadian Sphynx on both websites.

One of the most important things about a sphynx it’s their skin. Make sure you talk about it with the breeder of your kitten. Most of sphynx have a little hair. Some more then others, and this can be caused by the genes, hormones and temperature. Often sphynx will “grow” coat for winter. This is not something that is desirable in the breeding cats but it does happen. Let’s not forget sphynx have descended from domestic cats and have been outcrossed to other hairy cats so the hair run in their blood.

Another thing to be aware is the sphynx’s skin produces oils. It does vary from one cat to the other, but bad diet and genetics are main causes of greasy skin. This can leave greasy marks on sheets and bedding. It’s also important to wash the bedding regularly. I bathe my cats every 3-4 months, I find the more you bath the more dirty they get. It is important to feed cats high quality grain free cat food or most preferably a balanced raw diet.  Great benefit of raw apart from health benefits is their poo is well formed and with very little smell.

Very important – make sure the breeder scans for HCM at least yearly by a specialist cardiologist, DNA tests for HCM (new gene has recently been found and can be tested from December 2020) DNA tests for CMS and regularly health tests for infectious diseases and parasites. Go meet the breeder and see how healthy their cats look. Check the litter trays. You don’t want to see runny and very stinky poo. Look for red and runny eyes and noses, the condition the cats are in. Look at cats temperament. And do this before you choose the kitten as once you fall in love you will get it even from worst place to save it.  The breeder has to provide registration papers for the kitten, written contract with health guarantee, 4 or 5 weeks insurance, kitten should be fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and no younger then 12/13 weeks although a lot of breeders wait with the neutering until 15/16 weeks.  Anyone that will let kitten go sooner and without full set of vaccines is not ethical and does not have the best interest of kittens at heart.  The price per pet kitten can vary and generally range between £1200 – £1800 and depends on each breeders experience and circumstance.  Breeding cats could be more expensive as there’s a lot more responsibility and mentoring involved when breeding.  Show kittens should not cost any more than a pet.  A High price doesn’t mean high quality of a kitten so make sure you do your homework.

Good luck and enjoy as Sphynx are the most amazing kitties 🙂

Kinga Edwards