sphynx goods for sale

 Sphynx Paraphernalia

Sphynx cards

birthday cards 008

These cards are £5 for 6  postage paid

Sphynx magnets

goods for sale 004

75p each + 57p postage

Sphynx key rings

goods for sale 001

£1.00 + 73p Postage

Sphynx Club Badge

(Plastic coated over metal)

goods for sale 010

£3.50 + 73p poatsge

Sphynx Prints

All prints are £4.50 + £1.00 postage.

If you would like to buy anything from this page please send payment to


then email Jan  @ amarogue@talktalk.net just to let her know so it can  get it posted out.

Thank you

chris flyer 2015

 chris flyer 2015 price list