The Sphynx Cat Club Welfare exists to help Sphynx cats that are in need for what ever reason whether the cat is just unhappy or the owner/s can no longer cope.

Quite often it is through no fault of the cat but because of the owner’s circumstances change.

Occasionally it is because of medical or behavioural problems, which our Welfare Officers need to be aware of and take into account before allowing the cat to be placed in a new home.

If you are an owner who needs advice, or feel you need help to find a new loving home for your Sphynx the club can help.

As much information as possible will help the Officers to place the Sphynx in the correct home.

Once in our care, the cat will be cared for by our Officers and vet checked, if there is medical treatment required.

The cat will then be micro chipped c/o the Sphynx Cat club or transferred into the clubs name if already chipped.This will safe guard the cat for the rest of it’s life and we will have a record of it’s where abouts.

If you are looking to care for a Sphynx and think you have all the right attributes for this, please do contact us, with a little bit of information about yourself and your home life, work commitments, children in household and their age/s, if you have any other pets, etc etc.

You will asked lots of questions and a reference will be required from your Vet, but don’t be disheartened, we do this to everyone for the benefit of the cats

What we look for in a potential new owner

First and foremost a vast amount of patience and loving care to reassure a Spynx that the new home is a safe and secure environment where he or she will receive attention and affection. A Sphynx is naturally a “People orientated” cat and will respond so well to your care. You will have an intelligent companion who is also a very beautiful cat.

You will be asked to sign a adoption form indicating you will keep up to date with vaccinations and seek veterinary treatment if needed.

Our list grows on a weekly basis, but it is not a matter of first come,first served.  It’s finding the right home for the Sphynx in need.  Sometimes they need to be a quiet household, sometimes they need to be an only cat.  Every case is different, so please don’t be put off by the long list.

The cat comes first and foremost.

WELFARE: If you have a sphynx that needs re-homing or you would like to go on the waiting list to re-home a sphynx. Please contact a member of the committee.

England:  Email: Jan Plumb amarogue@talktalk.net

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/458682924243140/

or any member of the committee.



Scotland – Mr. George Gow  gowlaren@talktalk.net

From time to time we need people able to help with various parts of our welfare, this includes , helping with transport to pick up a rehome. Fostering a Sphynx until we find the perfect home   and home checks either by visit or online. Please download and fill out the form below if you can offer any help and email back to  Ella Spurr


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